Quiet January? No way

The week started with a trip to Basel. Why, you asking?

In Basel there is the best Chocolate Shop in Switzerland called Xocolatl. I just love this place. They have the best chocolates from all over the world. With 2 Swiss Chocolate Tastings coming up, I needed to buy some special Swiss chocolates for the events.

And I decided to take 2 chocolate bars from my favorite Swiss Bean to Bar- Idilio Origin from Basel + the revolutionary Choba Choba from Bern and Original Beans.

Once a year, Choba Choba creates a very limited edition out of a small batch of these precious cacaos that they harvest in small quantities - a unique tasting experience.

On Thursday it was time to taste those increadable chocolates together with 5 ladies at Charlottes DanishKidsDesign shop in Hünenberg. It was such a great evening with the best chocolates and a lot of laughter.

Today I have been producing chocolates for the Chocolate Tasting next week - A big group of tourist from US visting Zürich and they will have a Swiss Chocolate tasting experience. The Caramel with icelandic lava salt is one of the 10 chocolates they will taste. Lucky guys :)

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