Tour and Chocolate Tasting

This week started with a Sweet Tour including Chocolate Tasting in Zürich. I love that city and the chocolate tastings are always so much fun.

The Sweet Tours with Chocolate tastings or truffle workshops are organized by me and Nicole from GrandEmotions. Nicole is an amazing tourguide. With her you can discover famous and hidden little stores and dive into the story around the cities sweets. She really knows all the secret places in town. It is sooo exciting.

After the sweet stroll in city, it is time for a Swiss Chocolate Tasting. This time we had a group of Los Amigos from Texas (this is how they called themselves :). On the picture I am showing how to use our senses and "HEAR" the chocolate. Do you want to know why it is so important with a chocolate SNAP? Join our Sweet Tour and you will know :).

This time we had 10 Swiss chocolates for the tasting. Many of them were award winning and best in the world but at the same time pretty unknown in Switzerland. On the picture you can see white chocolate infused with Matcha, Japanese Green tea.

So proud that the winner of the tasting was my Caramel Chocolate with icelandic lava salt.

Pssst, you can order this chocolate from my website

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