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"Thank you so much for today. It was amazing. I learned new stuff, especiallly this tempering and this is very useful. And all the chocolate we could take with us!!!!"

Orzolya, Switzerland


This chocolate workshop is a perfect introduction to artisan chocolate making and suitable for anyone who would like to know how to create chocolate pralines.
Date/Time: Monday 5th August start 1pm - 5pm
Location: Altstetten, Zürich

Learn the techniques on how to:

*Paint the pralines with cocoa butter colors
*make wonderful ganache 

* work with chocolate moulds
* temper your chocolate like a pro. We will use the seed tempering method.

Learn how to do create  chocolates and chocolate decorations with simple tools you already have at home.


5.08.2019 / Zürich / Chocolate Praline Workshop