Take a look at the two spoons above.

The chocolate on the right spoon is simply melted and NOT TEMPERED. The chocolate on the left spoon is perfectly TEMPERED.

Chocolate contains cacao butter and the objective in tempering chocolate is to get the fatty acid crystals of cocoa butter back into stable form.

Chocolate is perfectly tempered when it has

firm finish,

looks shiny and

snap when you brake it. Simply melting the chocolate will not temper it.


Seeding method is the easiest way of tempering the chocolate. It uses the already tempered chocolate as seed.


I have 300g of chocolate.

I will melt 240 g (80%) of that chocolate

Remaining 60 g (20%) of the chocolate, I will place in a separate bowl.



Chop all chocolate blocks into small pieces or use chocolate buttons. Remove 60 g (20%) of your chocolate and set aside. This will be used later as seed chocolate.

Melt the 240 g chocolate (80%) in microwave (max 750W), 30 seconds at a time (only 5 seconds at the end) or double boiler until the temperature reaches:

Melting temperature

Dark 47-50°C

Milk 45-48°C

White, Caramel 44-47°C


Remove the melted chocolate from the microwave oven. Add the remaining 60 g of seed chocolate (20%) and stir vigorously with a spatula until all the chocolate lumps are dissolved and the chocolate cools to:

Tempering temperature

Dark 31-32°C

Milk 30-31°C

White, Caramel 29-30°C

Now your chocolate is tempered. 

If you want to do the chocolate bark, pour the chocolate on the baking paper and add your favorite toppings.

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